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    Oh yeah, finally built my Wing Gundam Zero Custom MG. Goes great with the MS Girl. Also, super glue is a godsend: it fixed my MG’s wing’s joint issues and my MS Girl’s stand. Too bad I got my fingers stuck together when I accidentally squeezed the bottle…

    Wish I could panel line better though… Not terrible for my first try, but I think I need to go over some spots with pencil since I’m not sure how to make thick lines with real touch markers. 

    First off. Boss name.

    Second off. I was going to get the MG Wing Girl. I didn’t though. Good job.

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  • gslchar:

    Today is September 18th, the day of Gundam’s Rising!

    Follow the One Year War as it happens on twitter, Spacenoids! http://twitter.com/TweetsfromOYW

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  • xanderrffxi:


    The only Gundam shows I’ve watched all the way through are G, SD, Wing, and Seed (minus Destiny). So I kinda wanna start Gundam and shit

    So yeah uh, if I wanted to watch the first show would I watch the original show or the movies of the original instead?

    movies of first gundam are considered more canon now. I still think the series is worth watching, though

    Series is worth watching, the movies put it more into perspective though. Brit Noa is the only one that annoys me in terms of voice actors, that and “Gundamn” but regardless, it’s not bad.

    The original show is worth the watch. But if Origins comes out and it’s a complete retelling of MSG like the novels are, then I’d say watch Origins when it comes out. But it’s looking like that’s gonna be about Char.

    Overall? I’d say go with the show.

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  • fate-staynight asked : "Why are you here?" "I came here to meow at you."
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  • Anonymous asked : cat meowing at hardcore anime porn
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  • greatestgeneralundertheheavens:

    I have so many things I want to say about GA but first of them being: why does it have such a low rating? The Flit arc was pretty bad and had many cling-worthy parts but the Asemu arc definitely made up for it and became an important highlight of the show. The overall plot is nothing ambitious but the characters (enemies and allies, main and side chars) were fantastic - way better than most average shows out there getting better scores. The Gundam upgrades were unrealistic and a walking deus ex machina but essentially, it’s symbolic and irrelevant.

    This is an anime I’d recommend so I’ll be putting the rest in a read more. Since Gundam AGE’s strongest point was its characters, I’d like to make a quick review on each on them.

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